Using HHO Home Heater To Heat Your Dwelling

PUNCH HHO is excited to announce the brand new <strong>PUHCH HHO Home Heating Unit</strong>. PUNCHHHO.COM was the first to simplify the use of hydroxy as a car fuel system enhancement and now a apartment heat unit. After the initial development PUNCHHHO.COM made their discovery available to the internet in the form of downloadable plans and detailed drawings, and now these <a href="">Hydrogen Home Heater Plans</a> have been received by enthusiasts all over the planet. Of the many messages and inquiries sent to PUNCHHHO.COM, one is more frequent than all the others, are your <strong>heater plans</strong> better than the others on the internet? Simply put, the answer is <i>YES</i>. A large number of you are familiar with PUNCH HHO’s <strong>HHO Dry Cell plan</strong> ( <>). The plans for the PUNCH HHO HHU (<i>Hydrogen House Heat Unit</i>) contain the same great-quality text, pictures and detailed multimedia instruction that you expect from their other great-quality plans, not to mention service and support after the sale through direct contact with Tom and the user forums.

Implementing Hydrogen to improve gas use in autos has been met with both cheers and cons. The simple fact is that it works for some and does not work for others. There are just too many facets to say that HHO supplementation for automobiles or trucks helps to improve mileage <u>every time</u>. One thing is for sure, HHO will burn and the HHO mixture will produce a <strong>huge amount of heat</strong>.

This is where the idea of using electrolysis to create HHO to use for heating your home comes in.

<strong>Fact:</strong> HHO can be easily created from regular water with a catalysis and electricity.

<strong>Fact:</strong> HHO will burn.

<strong>Fact:</strong> HHO produces a massive amount of heat. A simple HHO torch will melt tungsten which has a melting point of 6,192 °F.

So really, the only thing standing between you and using this cheap, clean and powerful substance to warm your house is knowing what to do to build your own <strong>HHO HHU</strong>.
PUNCHHO.COM is offering a simple, easy-to-follow instruction series on how to build your own Hydrogen Home Heating System. These units can be built for less than it costs to heat an average home for one month and a unit will comfortably heat a 1200 square foot space for pennies a day.

Do your research and when you are ready to buy your <a href="">HHO Home Heating Unit Plans</a>, remember the good reputation and professionalism that comes with the PUNCH HHO name, and then you decide in whom you trust.